placements and job opportunities in some colleges


i wanted to know the on campus placement opportunities of

  1. texas tech university

  2. new york institute of techology

  3. california state university, long beach

  4. eastern michigan university

  5. north dakota state university

  6. florida international university.

I basically want to know which college among these, offers a good offer for the students finishing their graduation from their colleges. Please arrange the colleges in order of offers available to students.

Thank you.

Well, not sure if I can comment on these as I am not up to date with the details. Here is how you can verify which is the best.

You need to go to career services web pages of each of the schools website and find out the list of companies that were these last year for internships. It can take some time, but it is worth it.   Also, it is good to talk to someone in that school if you know anyone.

Also, it is not like Campus placements in India, you need to work with career services and puruse for internships.

Read this article :  [How does career services work in US schools ](