Picked up in lottery but till now not received Receipt number

I applied for the H1B for this year and got to understand from my Consultant that the cheque has been cleared, but till now I have not received my Receipt no, please help in this regard


For this year lottery …most of the guys has got receipt number … if your cheque got cleared then by this time you should get receipt number by now.

anyway once get in touch with your consultant and ask them to get it clarified from your attorney…

Attorney must be having information about.


I have the number in format I-200-16054-084799…looking into this can we get Receipt number of petition?

Receipt number would be of the format EAC-16-XXX-XXXXX or WAC-16-XXX-XXXXX.

The only way to get the receipt number is through the employer.

if I go to site myvisajobs.com and see for any role for any company that I search, then for that role we can see unique number for that role i.e say ex it may be like I-200-16054-084799… ? now my question is can we get the Receipt no looking into this one?

No, you cannot. Like I said, your employer can provide the receipt number. No other means.

They are NOT sharing at all at any cost, what should I do to get this?
They informed me that my name is picked in lottery just? how can I get to know if the petition is approved?

Pls help and suggest…

You are dependent on them for this information.