Picked in Lottery, Pay for H1B - Should I pay ? Trust ? Fraud?

Hi All,

I’m currently employed in India. However I came across a company called Visa Guider who works with employers in the US that sponsors H1B. I went through a round of interview with a company called Pranetor software solutions and was told that they can file my H1 visa for this year (2020-21). The company has a total of only 5 employees. So my facilitator companythe immigration consultant (Visa Guider) informed that my registration picked up in lottery. Once my name is picked up in lottery, I’m told that they will be filing the petition but they can not give 100% approval guarantee. The visa expenses will have to be paid for by myself.

It will help if someone can throw light on such methods of H1 filing and is it advisable. if someone can help on what kind of questions I need to ask the company before I spend my hard earned money.


Firstly, you should NOT pay for H1B, it is illegal.
It is pure fraud, read below on what are the fees and who pays for what.