Picked in lottery but my H1B petition got rejected

I got selected in the first round of lottery. However the petition and fee sent by my employer reached uscis late by 2 days which is July 2nd and so I received rejection notice for same. But my employer is saying that the cheque got cleared and convincing me that he will reach out to uscis and challenge my rejection. Is this possible? Can I trust this and still keep my hopes alive? Please suggest. My dreams became a dream! Please help

Usually, it is not possible. If there is a delay in reaching to USCIS, they do not entertain most of the times. maybe there are exceptions now, I have not seen any case yet like this. Plan for backups. Until you get approval notice, I would not count on it.

Hello Narendra,

I am aslo in the same boat, exact same thing happened to me as well, my employer ship my package to USCIS on June 26th and it reached to USCIS on July 2nd, my case got rejected with reason application received after due date, I would like to know who is your employer?

HI VykuntaRao, my employer is INC, who is your employer?.. If they are the same can we two get in touch on call?

Yes, mine is same. Could you share your contact?

could you share your email ID I will send my contact no.