PhD in Management in USA requirements

Respected Sir,

	Greetings from India.

Please excuse me for requesting you to guide me regarding PhD admission in management.

My details are as follows:

X Class      - 81 % of marks

XII Class    - 67% of marks

Undergraduate Degree - 52% of marks

MBA                               - 76% of marks
from JNTU, India

I have the confidence that I would score very well in GMAT, GRE and TOEFL.

My doubt is that even I score very well in GMAT, GRE and TOEFL, is my past academic record, which is shown above, may become hindrance for PhD Admission in Management in USA.

Please excuse me for wasting your time.


Please suggest me.

Thanking you,

R Chennam


Normally Class X and XII marks do not matter

You have under graduate marks and Master’s marks …it does matter but its not everything

Its a mix of




Recommendation letters

Woork experience

Under grad GPA

so first get GRE or GMAT score then decide