Pharma Co. has offered me a job, asked me to pay for my own travel fees. how do I know they arent fraudulent?

I got a job offer from a Pharma company. I need ways of confirming their authenticity since I do not know anyone in NY. I need ways to find out if this is a fraudulent offer or not

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I have also got similar appointment from the company. Even I want to know before submitting the fees they are charging , that how much real is this?



What visa are they offering the job on? Who will pay for that visa fees?

They will offer us Work Permit H1B, but they are asking us to pay the fees of $1050. I just have my international passport

There are lot of companies that take money for H-1B and then either don’t file the petition or file it with shoddy paperwork which results in denial. Before finalizing an employer you should be pretty clear about their credibility.

First, it is illegal to pay for your H-1B

Next, ask them how many petitions they have filed in the past and what’s their success rate. Don’t go by LCA numbers but by I-129 approval rate.

Also, ask them what your job profile would be. Will they place you at client site or will you work on an in-house project. If former, then do they have direct clients or will your resume be marketed by them/you. If latter, then what’s the product you will be working upon and what’s the market for it. In both cases, can they provide paperwork to support the job.

Lastly, in case of denial due to employer specific reasons, is the money refunded. How much money is refunded in case you are not selected in the lottery. Will they share the receipt copy and actual denial notice with you? Is the money paid through a middle firm in India or directly to US (you need to know the money trail in case things go south and you are cheated out of money). Is there a contract involved?

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This would not only help me but also support millions of people who might be facing such issues.

I will follow what you have guided upon.

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any update on your case? I will follow the same Againt now beware of Vijay Anand for H1B fraud