Petition no is ds 160


I am on h4 and need to travel to india. I was filling the ds 160 for stamping and it asked for the h1 holder’s petition no. My spouse is planning to change jobs and his transfer of h1 to new employer is in process. Which petition no should i put on ds 160. What if I take the stamping appointment and my husband’s new petition gets approved and he moves to new employer

Please use the petition number that you have in hand, that you will also submit while applying. In case the transfer gets approved, you need to have a copy of it and also you can create another DS-160 and replace it on the consulate website before you submit your passport.

Generally, people who have mis-spelt their names, dob on the DS-160, when they go for fingerprint, and the officer at the gate catches it, there are asked to go to a near by internet center create a new DS-160 and come back with it. So you can always change your DS-160, not an issue.