Petition info error in submitted DS160 - next steps

Hello all,
I realized I entered incorrect petition number in DS160 I submitted.
I have now created a new DS160 with correction and have linked it to my CGI federal profile.

I have a H1 dropbox appointment coming up.

  1. On the day of the appointment, should I carry both old and new DS-160 confirmation?
  2. Should I also correct the petition information in CGI federal website? If yes, should I call/e-mail them for help?



Yes, call VFS and provide them with the new DS160 number and they will update.

Thanks Kalpesh!

After entering my new DS-160 confirmation # on “Update Profile” section in CGI website, I see that my dropbox confirmation page has also been updated (with the new DS-160 info).
I will of course carry the old one too, but was curious if I have to provide both and if that will lead to some confusion.

I will try calling and e-mailing VFS for updating the new petition details on CGI portal

Carry both and let the person receiving the document know which one is new vs old.