Petition filed on 8th June- is it within the cap?

I work for an IT company and I got a mail today that my H1B petition has been filed on 8th June and I should expect a receipt number within a month. I want to know that does this mean that it has made it within the cap or just that my office has filed it and they don’t know if its within the cap or not? Another basic question which I don’t know the answer of and probably that will also answer my previous question- once the cap reaches- is filing of petition also not possible?

USCIS is yet to update the cap count for last week. If that update suggests that cap count wasn’t reached untill 8th and your petition reached USCIS office on 8th, you are very well within the cap count.

Once the cap-limit has reached, cap-subject petitions will not be accepted by USCIS and they will send back any petitions received by them after that.