Petition approval date and H1b interview - How far they can be?

Hi Saurab,

My petition is under “initial review”. I just got blessed with a baby girl and planning to take her too with us to US. I need to make changes in my passport, need to get passport for the baby. So it will take 3 ~ 4 months.

In case petition is approved by then and I get I797 form, how long am I allowed before I have to take the H1b interview? Is there a cut off date like within 3 months of generating I797 form etc?


Congrats on the baby!

There is no set-time within which you are required to take the interview. You can go for interview anytime during the petition validity period. However, whenever you appear for interview ensure you carry recently dated documents. This means, if you appear for interview in Dec 2013, then carry more recent employment offer letter, client letter etc.