PERM related questions

Employer ABC filed for my PERM in Sept 2023.
Got laid off and my last date is March 31st.
My H1b expires in Nov 2024.

Filed my PERM through another company XYZ in November 2023.
I still dont have a contract with company XYZ and havent filed the H1b transfer yet.

  1. Can I go to India in April and wait for my PERM to get approved?
  2. The employer XYZ claims they need payslips to file for i140. Would it get rejected if no payslips?

Yes. PERM is for a future green card job and you aren’t required to be in the US or working for the PERM sponsoring employer.

Not required if employer can provide other evidences for the ability to pay the wages in I-140 for the GC job. They can provide audited P&L , assets etc to prove that they are able to pay the wages.