PERM Recruitment - Software Developer

i am currently working at an University as a Software Developer. I am planning to apply GC next year. I am looking at all of paper works, as well as process so i can complete as soon as possible.

There is one thing that i am worries which is PERM Recruitment. So in this step, my employer will post my job again on public and if is there any American apply for the job, then my GC process will be failed :frowning: . I am really worry about this step cause it happened to one of my friend.

Any suggestion on this ? Please
Thank you

Well, that is the truth and reality of life. The suggestion would be to work with your employer and see how best to handle this, so that the role that they post and looking to hire for GC closely fits with your experience, so that you are the best fit when they compare with other candidates. Also, see, if there are any additional certifications, etc. that you can do to make your profile unique and helps you make your resume stronger…