Perm in waiting, need to leave the country

My H1B expired in June 2024 and my perm was applied in October 2023. As per the current waiting guidelines, I should be expecting perm by Oct 2024 or later. In this case, I will have to leave the country and work from India. My employer agrees for me to work from India but is giving me salary as per indian wages. How can I fight for this for them to pay me my current salary? Are there any rules around this? (I have already recaptured the days on H1B so that isnt an option for me)

Once you leave the US you are no more in the H1B status. So what your employer is doing is right. They can’t pay you H1B wages while you are in India except for a situation where you are employed in H1B status in the US and traveling to India for a short period of time.
In this case you will no more be in H1B status once you leave as you have used all 6 years.

There is no such law forcing employer to pay same salary in Rupees, while you will work from India, as paid in dollars while on H1B.