PERM filing - prevailing wages. Non-OES Wages ? No Data?

In regards to perm filing for 11-3021 OES/SOC category do we know what is the latest prevailing wage criteria? FLS website as of now does not show up the wage levels as of now. However understood there are some lawsuits going on.

Any views on what should be the ideal average prevailing wage if we are considering to apply a perm on H1B visa at this time?

When there is no wage data and you plan to use OES wage data, then you need to follow their guidance in red text, which is 208,000 as the salary.
The best way to deal with this is to use alternative wage surveys.

Discuss with your attorney on this. In general, you do not have much control in the PERM process, as the PWD has to be done by the agency. If you are filing H1B LCA, you can us the below.