PERM Denied and MTR Filed

I have got the below email from my company regarding my PERM Status. Can any one help on how successful will it be and time taken for their decision? Unfortunately, Company has received a denial notice for your PERM application by the Department of Labor (�DOL�). The reason for the PERM denial is due to the DOL assertion that certain information was not included in the PERM. Based on our records all the required information was submitted, and this was a result of a technical error/ glitch in the DOL site. Unfortunately, even though this was a DOL website error, we cannot provide guarantee of a positive outcome. However, we will file a motion for reconsideration, and submit proof showing the relevant information was included by Company and the error occurred in their website in an attempt to overcome the denial. In consultation with legal counsel, we will file a reconsideration request with the case officer at DOL. Government review/adjudication is unpredictable, and while we believe we have a case for reversal of the PERM denial, we cannot provide guarantee of a positive outcome. The present timeline for a decision for a reconsideration request is anywhere from a few months to more than a year to receive a final decision. Please note this is a request for reconsideration with the case officer, not BALCA. The request for reconsideration is being sent today for your case. Case Filed: 5/19/2015 DOL Declined: 12/15/2015 MTR Filed: 12/22/2015

I have not got any updates yet… Do we have any timelines on that?