Pending H4, COS to F1

Hi, My current H4 Extension is pending, I have received an RFE two weeks ago and we have responded to RFE a week ago. I am currently enrolled in Masters and would like to convert to F1 for OPT. Given Covid situation, I want to apply COS for F1. I have few questions

  1. What is the usual turn around time after H4 RFE? I am hearing from ppl that after H4 RFE they respond within a month usually.
  2. Am I allowed to apply for COS to F1 as my current H4 is not on approved status?
  3. In the case that COS application is taking longer time, can I go to India for F1 stamping while I have pending application? I really don’t want to go with this option right now but I may have to as my husband is maxing out end of next year.

Appreciate your time Reading and responding to this, Thank you very much in advance!