Pending Amendments


I changed 3 clients from 2016 to now, All three amendments are still pending one applied in 2017, two are in 2018. Now i am going to apply the amendment - Extension with new client I-94 is going to expire in June 2019. As per my understanding pending amendments will effect H1B Extension.

What could be the best option -

Can I apply H1B extension with existing employer? or Transfer to different company? ( As per my I knowledge If we transfer before I-94 expires, Transfers don’t consider pending Amendments)


Yes, if you transfer before your I-94 expires, there will not be any connection and it is considered independent. Best is very relative, it is very hard to make a decision…if you believe, you have a good offer from good company, you can take a chance and transfer…if your current employer is good and you have extension for long term, then you can stick there as it is less risky. The RFE and denial stats from USCIS are not encouraging for any changes.