PED Date & Visa renewal

I and my wife are planning to travel to India (we plan to travel in March 2024 and return back April 2024)

I am on an H1B visa. The earlier visa stamping (mapped EAC20227XXXXX) had expired on 14 June 2023. I received an extension till Dec 30 2024 (I797 form – IOE83021XXXXX). I also received an I140 approval IOE8502XXXXX). So, on this trip, I plan to visit the consulate and get my visa renewed till Dec 2024 - (via dropbox facility) using the revised I797.

My wife (currently staying with me in florida) had applied for the H4 (spouse dependent visa) in 2023 and she got the visa. Her i94 also mentions the same admit until date Dec 30 2024.
Her visa also mentions expiry date as Dec 30 , 2024 (i.e. in line with my latest i797). However, her visa mentions 2 PED dates 14 JUN 2023 and 30 DEC 2024. I am not sure about the significance of PED dates and

My question is - does she also need to get a revised visa stamping if we travel to India in March 2024 and plan to come back in April 2024 ?

She should be good to enter the US till Dec 2024.