PED date and I94 date is different than Visa expiry date and I797

My I797 end date is OCT 2013 , H1B Visa expiry date is OCT 2013, PED date in Visa stamp was OCT 2015 and my I94 expiry is OCT 2015.

My Questions

  1. Till when I can stay in US?

2.Whether I can leave and reenter US after OCT 2103 since PED date in Visa stamp is OCT 2015?

3.Is it a typo? from whom do you think. DHS or Consulate?

4.Whether I can apply entension anytime after OCT 2013?

  1. Is it legal if I stay in US till OCT 2015 without applying extension?
  1. You can stay until Oct 2015, but H-1 extension needs to be filed to continue working beyond Oct 2013.

  2. No. PED in the visa stamp looks like an error and the PoE officer issued I-94 based on that incorrect PED. You can enter US on current visa stamp only until its validity date.

  3. Consulate’s typo

  4. It needs to be filed prior to Oct 2013 so that you can continue to work in US

  5. No, you cannot do that as you will not be maintaining legal H-1 status i.e. not getting paid as you don’t have work authorization beyond Oct 2013.