Payroll with two employers on H1B

I worked for Company A and changed my company to company B. My visa transfer in process and working with company B from past 3 months. As my previous employer have to pay some pending debts, he ran my pay check in last month( After I joined in company B). Now for month I got two pay checks, from company A & Company B. Is that going to be a problem for my Visa Stamping or GC process? I am planning to go to India in next month.

It would be great, if anyone can clarify my doubts. Thanks for your help in Advance…


If you really didn’t work for them and are not authorized for that salary, then you should return it back to the employer. I don’t know how you can do it and how to take care of the payroll taxes which the employer might have deducted.

If they are back wages which you are receiving now, then it should be fine. If possible, get some sort of written communication from employer stating that salary is backwages for certain period when you were employed w/ them.

Thanks Saurabh, Actually these are backwages, he ran the paroll for one month. For this particular one month where I was already working with anohter Employer B( My current company).
I am not getting how to rid off from this situation.
Does it become a problem for my Visa stamping in India ?

If these are wages for a period when you actually worked for that employer, then it should be fine. Like I said earlier, make sure you get some sort of written communication from employer mentioning that these are back wages. Also, remember to collect W-2 from this employer that includes these wages. You should be fine then.

Thanks Again Saurabh. These wages are came from client when I worked to that employer. He is holding some money for safe side if I dont have job and to run the pay roll(every company do this I think). As I moved out from that employer, the money is with him even after I joined new Full Time Job ( with some big company). He gave the money in the form of pay roll . When I look at the pay check, the start and end dates , I did not work for them for that particular period. That period I worked for other employer and got pay check from new company too.