Pay Stubs on OPT- How many paystubs of OPT ?

I completed my masters in Dec 2011. My opt started from Jan 2011. I applied H1 and got it approved, will be starting in oct 2013. My client is in NJ and my employer in MN. I am planning to go for stamping in Dec or Jan. I was not aware of the fact that the payroll has to be run where the client location is. My employer has been running the payroll on MN since last year. From last month he started running on NJ state.

How many paystubs of OPT should I show them during the stamping? Would the Three OPT  paystubs July,August,September(NJ Paystubs) be enough?


What if the VO asks me about the previous paystubs? How can I manage this situation?

 Please help me out.