Passport validity while in 221g

I submitted a DS160 application to renew my H1B visa in Mumbai consulate. At that time, my passport had around 8 months of validity left. (The US visa thumb rule is that the passport should be valid for atleast 6 months. ). I planned to come to US and then renew the passport from the Indian embassy.

However, in the interview, I got a 221g asking for some documents. I was told that once you have the documents ready, you just need to submit them via dropbox. i.e no need to come for interview.

Its almost 2 months since the 221g, I am still in the process of collecting the documents. In few weeks time, my passport will have less than 6 months of expiry.

I have an active DS160 application, with a passport which has less than 6 months of expiry. Should I go and submit the documents nevertheless? or should I go and renew the passport?

If I renew the passport, then my current DS160 application will be void, right?

What should I do now? Anyone with a similar experience, please comment.