Passport request along with one line description why applicant is eligible for NIE

Hi All,
I have attended my first H1B interview in March, 2021 at Chennai consulate and was given 221g for I do not have end client letter. In June, I have mailed the required end client letter to the given email address in the 221g slip. After few months of wait, I have mailed the consulate requesting for an update as to when the case can be processed. On Aug 27th, I have received a mail to submit my passport at any VAC / VFS. Along with passport, I was asked to provide details on a separate piece of paper about my designation, company and in one sentence why primary applicants physical presence is required in the united states. On 30th August, I submitted the passport along with the NIE description paper. This NIE is not a letter from my company, I just took a print of a word doc with the required details. Status in CEAC changed from refused to Administrative processing on Sep 1st. Usually the status changes from AP to issued in a day or 2 for 221g cases when passport is requested, but , in my case the status is still AP after 3 days. just wanted to check if this ask of one sentence NIE description is common and how long does it take get a confirmation once passport is asked.

Please update this thread once you get your visa approved and post the timelines for reference.

@akirade As long as you give a solid explanation of why you qualify for NIE, you will get your visa approved. usually status changes from refused >>Administrative processing>>Issued. you could have also emailed a letter from your client stating that they require you onsite at the earliest.

Good Luck!!

Yes , I would have done that. But I received a mail to explain in just one sentence why physical presence is required and I just added its critical compliance related project in one line. Probably they would have put my application in the queue or something now without refusing as yet.

On September 10th, I have sent an email with revised NIE justification, though I have not been asked to send another one.
Status date got updated on 16th September with text being same i.e., Administrative processing. Status changed to Issued on 17th September.

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