Passport Renewal

Hello all,

I have a quick question. My passport is expiring this December 2014. I need to renew it. My question is, I have my visa expired (F1). Can I still do the renewal as it is (the usual procedure) or do I have to attend a separate interview to fulfill the requirements.

Please can you let me know.

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If your Visa is expired, how are your still staying in the US?

Please share your current scenario in detail to get the best possible solution.

I have a valid I20…which serves my purpose.I am a student at the university. My passport is about to expire in like 6 months. I hope that suffices the information you need. Please can you let me know the procedures on how to get my passport renewal done. Thank you

check the below blog for details on Indian passport renewal in USA. i recently got my passport from BLS New York office.

Hi Team,

I am an Indian citizen who’s working in the USA and I am about to renew my passport here in the USA itself and I have gone through the whole process pretty well. However,

I have few question that aren’t listed anywhere so I thought of writing this to you here:

Firstly, I wish to print my indian address on my passport as it’s easy [because there is no change in the address except that it is AndhraPradesh back then and now its telangana - I don’t think that is considered as a address change]

  1. As my Indian address did not change and my current passport showing my indian address is still a valid address for me., that is I wish to get the same address printed on my new renewed passport too then I need not submit any/all of my india address documents again right.?

  2. I see there is another section called " Other Address " in the govt.form that I am filling I know that has to be my USA address as I choose Indian address to be printed on my new passport but my question is do I have to submit any documents showing my USA address while sending the packet to embassy.? or I can ignore those too.?

  3. One more question here is that I choose to have the same Indian address as my address printed on my passport (above question 1.) and Other Address as USA address (question 2.) what address needs to be filled in the form ANNEXURE ‘E’.

  4. Is it recommended to request a change in appearance (new photo) too as it’s been almost 9.2 Years since I have this old passport.

Please help me with the above question, I will look forward to a reply from you.

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