passport renewal in usa

Hello Team,

I have few questions related to passport renewal in USA.

Recently I have changed the employer and got the full approval till 2021, my wife and kids travelled to USA with my previous employer visa stamped.

My wife passport is valid till Feb 2020, and kids passports are valid till Dec 2019.

At the port of entry they got the I-94 till their passport expiry dates, Visa officer told that “Need to leave the country when obtain new Indian passports”. I can apply for passports renewals in USA and can apply for amendments for H4 dependent visas right? so that their I-94 validity gets till my approval date? OR do they literally leave the country as told by visa officer.

Could you please suggest what to here.

Thanks in advance.

You are right. The officer at port of entry was mistaken. There is no need to leave the country, renewals and amendments can be filed locally.

Read this Question, how he has handled similar situation with ease to get Updated I-94

Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for the clarification, this is really helpful for me.