Passport renewal after applying for H1

I’ve applied for H1 last year… i.e. Jun 2013, am yet to know the status of it, i.e.

My passport is going to expire in Apr 2014.

Can some1 please suggest me whether i need to get my passport renewed before i get visa/stamping…


Passport should be valid for at least 6 months when applying for the visa. So you are covered there.

However, when you enter US, you cannot get I-94 longer than passport expiration date. Depending upon when you travel, you may want to get passport renewed to get I-94 for the correct term.

Did you apply in Jun 2012 and it still pending? That’s a long wait

thanks for the reply Saurabh…
yes… i applied in Jun 2012… (it was typo earlier)… i’ve been waiting for it since last june…any idea why ther’s delay in H1 processing…


Ask your employer/attorney to follow-up on the case.