Passport Query after H1B picked in lottery

Hi All,
Am in huge dilemma about my passport. My situation is.
My H1B filled by employeer and it got picked in lottery.
My passport is going to expire in June 2020 and my address mentioned in passport is different than the one where am staying now (which is permanent address).

if i get Visa interview and will they send stamped passport to my old address mentioned in passport?
if it get stamped, when i reach US as my old passport have Visa stamp and its going to expire in June 2020. how do i get re-stamped it in US?

Should i go for re-issuance of my passport here in India , so that i can get passport with my current address and 10 years of tenure.?

Does it create any problem, as my H1B filled with old passport number and new passport will have new number?

Use the correct shipping address on the application. If there is no such provision, ask where to give the shipping address in the consulate. Also as a back up, take a request letter to ship your documents to your preferred shipping addres.

You dont need to get it restamped etc. Simply carry both the passports as long as the visa is valid.

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@Revanth_Reddy, you may also read US Visa Valid in Expired Passport

Thanks ImmiGeek for response,
I think sure, i should get my passport renewed.

Thanks Kumar for reply as always.

Sure , i will get my passport renewed.

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