passport is renewed after applying for H1B, will this be a problem during H1B processing??

My Husband’s application has been picked up in the lottery and a CASE Id is generated also. We are excited to know this. But, his passport has validity till next February only. So after he applied for H1B (sent all the required scanned copies of passport, educational certificates, experience/offer letters, salary slips etc) in March 4th week,He has applied for renewal of his passport and has got it done successfully. It means, now he has a new passport that has 10 more years of validity. My question is, the new passport came with new passport number. Would this be a problem for him during documentation or visa stamping? Now, he has old passport and new passport with new passport number and in that, it has the old passport no. also. But he has sent the old passport scanned copy for application filing. Based on this situation, shall he be having any issues during H1B processing? Pls suggest/help us.

I have exactly the same situation as you. Did your visa processing go well?
Please let me know urgently.

Even i have got the same situation, Can you please post what you have finally did and what we are supposed to do. Appreciate your help.