Passport for minor child

Hi ,

I have a query regarding applying for passport of my child.This is my situation.

  1. My child is one year old.Both me and my wife have passports and both have spouse name endorsed in the passports.I am in U.S.A and wife in Kerala.I have already sent sworn affidavit from consulate. .Both me and my wife lived in Delhi earlier so have Delhi address on both passport but passport will be applied from Kerala for child.

2.So to apply for a passport in Kerala for my minor child should at least one passport have Kerala address ? An agent told me that my wife’s passport should have Kerala address for the child to apply in Kerala so it should be renewed . Is it true ?.

What address proof can I show for my child in this case where address in passport is different (Delhi) from the address where the passport will be applied from (Kerala).

I would really appreciate kind advices.Many thanks in advance.

A passport in India has to have strong links to a permanent address where the applicant physically resides. In the case of a minor child, the application from Kerala will trigger an investigation only if neither parent lives in Kerala. If your child is presently in Kerala living with one parent, no justification is needed. An address affidavit will be useful which verifies past residence history (Delhi) and present address (Kerala). Your agent is factually incorrect in saying that one passport should have Kerala address - people move places all the time.

Thank you so much Sir . That was a great relief.