Passport expiry and H1-B petition validity query

Hello Everyone,

Very soon I am planning to schedule a US VISA interview date at US consulate in New Delhi. My H1-B petition has been approved with a validity date till 24th August 2016, however my Indian passport expires on 17th January 2015. My question to you is, do (or should I) I need to renew my passport before I schedule my US visa interview date? Does the expiry date of my passport will affect the length of visa provided by US consulate?

Highly appreciate your kind reply on this matter.



You can renew Indian passport no earlier than 1 year before the expiry date (17 Jan 2014). So you can proceed with visa stamping and they should ideally give stamping till date on petition (24 Aug 2016).

You need a valid passport for the duration of H1B