Passport Expiring

Hello everyonne,

Can some help me on this please reply with you comments, i have been stuck in India due to this pandemic i can’t travel to US, currently I am on H1-B Visa which is expiring in 2022 and I got realized that my current passport is expiring on September 2021 which is exactly 2 months from now. And on this same passport i got my visa stamp and I am trying to apply for NIE to travel back to US in august if i got approval.

  1. Can i travel with the my current one month expiring passport ?
  2. Do i need to renew my passport ? and travel back?
  3. If i renew my passport is there any complications while travelling and with my visa?
  4. Do i need to go for stamping again?

can you please advise here, it will be really helpful.


Yes, you will need to renew your passport as it has to be validate least six month beyond your intent of stay which is your H1B validity.

No issue, you will need to present both passports to the CBP. CBP will validate the visa stamped in the expired/old passport.

No. Your Visa in the expired/old passport is still valid till it’s expiry and can be used to enter the US.