Passport expiring soon and booked an appointment for H4 visa

My passport is expiring on 4th Oct 2016 and my husband had filled and submitted DS160 form for his H1B appointment. Myself and my kid are also going for appointment. We had paid Visa fee as well and just have to book appointment only. We realize now that we had to carry passport which is 6 months beyond intended stay while appearing for appointment :frowning:

Do i have to apply for reissue of passport now, then fill a new DS 160 form with new passport number and then go for the appointment? Please advise. Thanks…

I think you have sufficient validity to appear for an interview(6 Mnths in general). probably you can try with an existing passport itself.

Thank you JathinB. However, i do read this regarding passport -

“For non-immigrant visa applicants, you are required to have passport valid for travel for at least 6 months beyond your date of intended stay into the U.S.”

I am wondering about above statement. Also, chances of my visa period/PoE I-94 date will be based on passport expiry date, rt?

I have seen instances when visa is approved for a duration beyond passport expiration date.

At PoE, you will receive I-94 only until passport expiration date. Once passport is renewed, I-94 extension can be applied for.