Passport Expires. h1b petition is filing 2019, passport will expire in Sep 2019 ,any issue?

Hi All,
I am presently in my OPT Stem extension and I have my stem till June 2019. My employer is applying h1b in April 2019 and my passport expires on September 2019. I planned to renew my passport in August 2019. Presently I gave my existing passport details. If I apply for my new passport in August and my h1b picking and approval will be processed with my old passport. Will it be any problem?. I believe the h1b picking will be done earlier of my applying for renewing passport. But in case if approval is getting delayed after September and if I renewed my passport in August (Will there be any issue?)Please someone help me out. I am so confused and worried about this. Thanks in advance.

Why you are waiting to renew your passport till August. You can renew your passport at least a year before its expiry. Renew it ASAP.
Once your passport renewal is done, send the updated passport copies to USCIS with your pending case reference. They will attach the new passport copies to your case and approve your case accordingly.
Apply your passport renewal ASAP.