Passport about to expire - extension application

Hi There,
My parents are visiting me at USA. They are here with me since Feb 2020. Due to COVID 19 situation I want to apply extension for couple months.

Their passport expires on Oct 2020. When they traveled they had 6 months on the passport. They were good. Now I am applying extension until end of Sept 2020. Will this be a problem.

Will USCIS look for the passport to have at least 6 months validity during extension application too ?

Appreciate any response

Well, they will only give extension of petition related I-94 until the passport expiry. That’s the usual catch.
If there is an option to renew passport, do it and then apply for extension with both the passports. Put in request letter saying your situation, it can help. I was reading CKGS Atlanta is able to do passport renewal in a week or so.