Parents Visitor Visa - Who is going to pay for trip


My in laws visitor visa rejected two years back at Mumbai consulate for 214(b). We are planning to re-apply now just for my mother-in-law first.

  1. in DS 160 - There is question about who is going to pay for the trip ? What should we answer here - Self or my name as my wife is on H4 and don’t work here.
    First time we filled up as my name for paying the trip.

  2. This time we are thinking to apply only for mother in law. Is it ok?

  3. Also is it advisable to ask for congressman letter supporting her case? will it be any negative impact with such kind of letter?

Let us know if any more information required.

Appreciating your help on this.

Thanks and Regards,

You paying for the trip is better option

Senators letter will tilt the balace in yr favour in borderline cases.

If the problem is deeper , it will not work