Parents visitor visa when H1 approved in India

Hi Saurabh,

I need your suggestion.

My husband has submitted L1 RFE documents which is in RFE response review process. (240 days after application will be completed in Sept-13)

We have received H1 & H4 receipts for this year which is in review stage.

Q1. If we go back India and got H1& H4 stamping done, my husband is willing to bing his parents in US, when can we apply for their visa?

Q2. Can we apply from India or we have to come to US and then apply ?

Q2. How much processing time will it take for getting their visa approved? 


Thank You in adavance

  1. My suggesiton would be that you both return to US, and then apply for their visas (unless your L-1 gets extended). If L-1 extension is denied, then its better to wait for your H-1 period to start before applying for their dependent visas. I assume you are sponsoring the trip?

  2. IMO, give them the documents and return to US. Then they should appear for visitor’s visa.

  3. If approved, they should get stamped passport in a week. If its put in administrative processing, then it can take weeks or months.

Thanks for clarification