Parents USA visitor Visa - can I sponsor with valid I-94?



I am planning to bring my parents(visitor Visa) to USA for 6 months. Right now my L1 visa got expired but i have a valid I-94 until April 2014. Am i eligilble to sponsor for my parents Trip ?

Yes. You don’t need to have unexpired visa stamp in the passport for this purpose.

Thanks. Currently I am sharing the accommodation with 2 more girls. I don’t have the leasing agreement under my name. Do they ask for sponsor tenancy copy during interviewing my parents ?

Not really. They may be asked where they will be staying in US, and they can give your address. If you have any other document which mentions your address (like bank statement, DL etc) then you can send those documents as well. You can also get a letter from the employer (if they issue one in this regards).