Parents name mismatch in the newly issued passport when compared with B1/B2 visa issued on old passport

My parents are planning to make a trip to visit me. They have previously visited me and they have a B1/B2 visa with the following namesFather’s VISALast Name: AAAAA BBBBBGiven Name: CCCC DDDDDMother’s VISALast Name: XXXXX YYYYY ZZZZZGiven Name: FNUBoth their visas are valid till 12/2017The above names match their old passport.They recently got their passport renewed in India, and their new passport has the following namesFather’s passport:Surname: DDDDDFirst Name: AAAAA BBBBB CCCCMother’s passport:Surname: ZZZZFirst Name: XXXXX YYYYYMy concern is the difference in their names between the visa/old passport and new passport. I am not sure how much of an issue this will be at the port of entry. Will they need to get a new visa? Please let me know.

These mistakes are common. Get a ‘one and same person’ affidavit just in case a query is raised.