Parents' B2 Visa application - sponsorship


My situation :

My husband is on L1B.

I am on L2 currently and my H1B application just got approved for FY2013, so I will be on H1B from Oct 2012.

I want to apply for my parents’ B2 Visa to come and visit us. We(me or my husband) are going to sponsor their trip.

My question:

should I become the sponsor or should I let my husband be the sponsor ? I am not sure which one will be better…

Is it okay if the son-in-law sponsors the trip even though their daughter is working and capable of sponsoring? I would assume it should not matter, appreciate any help!


I was in same dilemma for doing my mum’s visitor visa. And I heard comments from every one that its better If I do. The answer I got everywhere is blood relation works better.And her visa is also approved now.

Thanks a lot Mathi123. Since you have gone through this process, could you also tell me if I do not have the original birth certificate, what should I do? would a affidavit work ? or do I need any more documentation from the hospital etc… thanks again

not sure on this…I had my original BC