Parents B1/B2 Visiting Visa - 221 g


My parents applied for US Visiting visa and have been verbally asked to watch for an email to submit additional documents. Passports were returned.

I have replied to the email with list of scanned copies and detailed information.

Its been 2 weeks and the status still says ‘Administrative processing’ with the last updated date asthe same date of interview. Whereas the documents submitted 3 days after we received the email.

I have received the email confirmation for documents received. However, no clue of what should we do next,

  1. Online research says it may take up to 60 days or more. What would be the average wait time.

  2. Shouldn’t the status say documents received?


Yes usual wait time is 2 months

Don’t go by status. It is not a real time update unfortunately.

I really hope it gets resolved and your parents visit you soon.

Any update on your parent visa?