Parallel processing of L1B and H1B.

Hi All,

My current company A is processing L1B for me.
Along with it I also got picked in the H1B lottery for company B.
I want to go ahead with L1B which is my current company, but I also would like to keep my H1B option open.

I want to know what are the consequences for processing both the visa’s parallelly.

I had few questions regarding the same like.

  1. Will there be any issue if I process L1B and H1B simultaneously.
  2. How should I progress keeping both the options open.


No issues as they are from different employers.

You basically ask both employers to file the petitions and once approved decide on which employer you would like to join. Based on that you go for visa stamping and once approved you travel to the US to start the job.

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Thanks for the answer Kalpesh.

I have couple of follow up questions.

  1. If both the petitions are approved, they won’t affect each other in any way?

  2. Once I travel to US on L1B stamp, with approved H1B petition, will there be any issue?
    And will I be considered cap exempt for change of status in future?

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No, as far as you start working for the employer whose petition/visa you used to enter the US.

You may be considered cap-exempt. Chances are better to be counted against the cap if you also have H1B visa stamp using the H1B petition.

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