Paid h1 stamping Fee via IMPS

Hi All,

Today i was scheduling visa interview for me,my spouse and daugther. I selected IMPS option to pay the visa fee and made 3 transactions of 11780 INR for each applicant. Those transaction are not activated yet (more than 3 hours). Also ustrveldoc website has confusing statements. when i login into my account it says total fee due 35340 INR. But when i select IMPS option It states following things:

Pay only the mentioned amount: i.e 11780 INR.

Make sure you dont pay twice

Fee is non refundable

Have i made any mistake in the payment? Hope i dont have to pay this fee again in a single transaction of 35340 INR.

Anyone with knowledge about this please help.

You will see processing Tuesday morning IST. Looks like you worked on this starting Friday. Too many holidays are confusing the exchange processing network. Dussehra, Gandhi Jayanti, Eid are all together in 2014.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

thnks for the response.
I made the appointment on Saturday. Receipt were activated within 24 hours!!