PA name is missing H4 visa annotation section

Hi Sourab,

This is for my daughter h4 visa.

We have a valid h4 visa until 2016 nov. And also have got approval for EOS until 2019 Nov. We came to India and got the visa approved and stamped with new I-797 approval notice.

Old h4 visa is still valid until Nov 2016.
New h4 visa is valid until Nov 2019 with annotation section having details of old and new petition numbers.

All the details in the new VISA stamp are proper except annotation. In the annotation section my name is missing as PA. Petition no. and petitioner name all are properly entered in the annotation section.

Checked with my attorney in US and was told it’s absolutely fine to travel.

I could have gone for visa correction but don’t have sufficient time as my travel is on Aug 31st.

I have below two questions:

  1. Does the old VISA is still valid to use? ( old visa has my name in annotation section)
  2. As new visa doesn’t have my name in annotation, will there be any issue at port of entry?

Appreciate your help on this if you could respond sooner.


Can any one please comment on this.


  1. Yes, it is. If you are about to enter soon, then you can use the old visa.

  2. No issues. It has petition number and if the officer looks up that number, it will show that its assigned to you. Don’t worry too much.

Thank you very much Saurabh. Really appreciate your response on this. I am relieved now after seeing your response.