Overlapping of Employment dates

Hi,I started working for company B from August-2015 after receiving the receipt for my h-1b transfer application with USCIS and I got the experience letter from company A with my end date as September-2015.There is an overlapping of 28 days which I got paid from both the companies.Will it be going to be an issue, as USCIS gave me an RFE asking my education and experience evaluation, experience letters, pay stubs etc., from my previous employers.Can any one please help me on this.Thanks.

Hi, Is this during your approval or during the Interview in the Consulate?

I don’t think it will be an issue. You had valid legal employment opportunities through both employers. So immigrantion laws weren’t broken. What could be an issue is that either or both employer asking you why you were working for another entity when you were a full time employee of theirs. But this shouldn’t concern USCIS.