out of status- plz tell programs offering I-20 in summer - Plz Urgent


Please help me. My OPT has expiried. To maintain my F1 status I need to be enrolled in summer session. I am contacting some schools but they do not take international transfer students for summer. Please tell me some courses whic can offer me I-20 in summer. Or what is the other option to mainatain my F1 visa.

Please its Urgent. Plz help.

Where are you located?

I am at California. Los Angeles. But I can join any program, any part of USA if it is offered in Summer .

lol…Here is your solution…:-

UCLA Extension…admission just started for summer…your school will start in April 2013…

You are welcome

Thank you very much for your reply. I just checked UCLA extension site. These programs are very expensive. I am applying for PhD for Spring 2014. So now I need to maintain my F1 status till Jan 2014. I have completed my Masters in USA so I do not wish to spend much for 1 year.

Can you suggest me some other course options plz.

look at a state university for an extension program. they are a lot cheaper. tell them you need to transfer your I-20 though

Thanks. But they dont have any programs in my field. Anyways thanks for reply