out of status - family visiting

hello there, I’ve been out of status for few months now due to my h1 being revoked by employer, I’m taking the risk to overstay and figure out a solution soon (probably legit marriage). My family was planning on visiting me this fall, I’m a little worried that at the airport border/entry point when they ask them what’s the purpose of their visit/who are they visiting might cause problems for them to be allowed to enter and then for myself being red flagged maybe? could they just say they are here for vacation? Thoughts? It’s been so long since I’ve seen my family but at the same time I’d rather not risk it.

Thank you!

It is in your best interest to exit the country or have your H1 transferred as soon as you can.

USCIS takes about a year or more to process revoking of your H1, within which you can have it transferred to another employer.

We in this forum dont provide thoughts on how your family can lie to immigration officials. It is better that you dont put them into unnecessary trouble. There is a high chance that immigration may question about you.