Original I797 for visa stamping

I got my for H1B in oct 2015 from a company A. Company A provided me a original I797 approval notice. In February i moved/transferred my H1B to a new company B. From company B i got H1B approved for 3 years. But HR of my current company ‘B’ gave me only I94 part of my 797 approval notice she did not give me the whole document. Now i am planning to go for stamping in Canada (Ontario or Calagry). I checked with my HR if she can give me original 797 approval notice telling her that i will return it once i am back. But she is not ready to give it to me. She gave me a photo copy of it.I wanted to ask if it is mandatory to carry original I797 or a copy of it will be good enough for consulate?And if you think original is must have is there a way how i can retrieve the original I797 (from USCIS) without dealing with my HR. I have already asked immigration lawyer of my company he says law has changed and candidate is no longer required to keep original i797.Please help me!

It would be ok to travel even with the copy. They can always enter the receipt number in their system to look-up the details.