Original I-797B lost. Problem for Visa Interview and Port of Entry ?

Dear Saurabh/All,

	 My H1B visa documents are couriered from USA to India last month via. USPS and still not yet reached me.

	When we enquired about this to USPS they said unfortunately they are unable to track my shipment and they are sending me claim form & insurance money. 

	Now the employer is resending me all the documents and as u know the original I-797B was lost in the previous courier.

	1. Will i be able to appear for the visa interview with the photocopy of I797B ? Will this a problem while my visa interview and how to handle the Visa officer?

	2. Is it mandatory to carry original I797B during Port of Entry to USA?

	Please guide


  1. I think you can may appear w/ duplicate H-1B but not 100% sure. Your employer should file for H-1 amendment to get the duplicate copy of the approval notice.

  2. I am not 100% sure as I have seen instances when they asked for original 797, and instances when they just looked at the visa stamp and then got everything from their system.

Sorry, not very meaningful reponse. Maybe someone who has undergone this personally can provide a more concrete answer.