OPTX expires & prevailing wage application in process. Have time for H1B?


My OPTX expires jan 25 2015. I joined a Full Time job at a university on Dec 8 2014 and they will be applying for my H1B visa soon ( it won’t be like the regular h1b since this does not count towards the yearly quota and it can be applied anytime of the year). However, they had applied for prevailing wage and it takes 1-2 months. It has already been a month and we haven’t yet received the response. The university will apply for my H1B in premium as soon as they receive the prevailing wage.
Can they apply for my H1B Visa after my OPTX Expires?
If so, what happens if my h1b response takes longer than march 25?!.. Can i still stay in US since i have an application in process. Please reply at the earliest! Thanks for your time!!! Really appreciate!

They can get the wage from flcdatacenter.com they don’t have to get a PWD, it’s a waste of time.