Options when H1B time runs out

Hello friends,

[b]Short background on my situation:[/b]

	In the end of 2011 I went over to the US on an H1B-visa (approved September of 2011).

	In end of October 2013 I went home to Europe due to personal matters and left my sponsor.

	My girlfriend is American (no marriage in the making but it impacts my upcoming question...)

	I'm now planning to get back to the US. I'm talking to a few potential sponsors. So far we haven't arrived at the whole visa process, currently interviewing and next step is to agree on terms.

[b]From what I understand from reading online and asking in this great forum my best alternative now is to file for a Cap-Exemption on my H1B[/b][b].[/b][b] However, this gives me a restriction of 6 years [/b][b]in the US since it can't be renewed going through that option.[/b]

[b]MY QUESTION: Since my girlfriend is American I don't want to go down a route that will force me out of the US in six years from now. [/b]

	[b]Is it impossible to renew my H1B after these six years?[/b]

	[b]Could I file for a different type of visa after these six years, for instance an O-1?[/b]

	[b]What if we decide to get married during these six years, can I then stay?[/b][b]   [/b]

THANKS FOR ANY ANSWERS. You're always very helpful in these stressful situations.